• Lake Shore Can Make Important School Improvements at ZERO additional local tax impact

    Here's the Background ...

    GOALS of the Proposed Project:

    • Health, Safety, & Security
    • Energy Security & Cost-Savings
    • Athletic Infrastructure & Site Improvements

    These initiatives can be accomplished through the use of State Building Aid, Native American Aid, expiring debt service and the District’s Capital Reserve Fund, so projects can be done with no additional local tax to District residents.

    When District residents head to the polls on May 16, they will have the opportunity to vote on a $59.5 million capital improvement proposition that carries no additional tax impact.

    The proposed 2023 capital improvement project is based on the District’s state-mandated five-year Building Condition Survey, which identified various facilities needs across our buildings and grounds. Foundation wall reconstruction at William G. Houston Middle School was identified among the highest priority needs, as were roofing replacements at the High School, Transportation Center, W.T. Hoag Educational Center, and our elementary schools.

    As a security measure, the proposal also incorporates heating/ventilating/air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades at the High School, which will allow windows to remain closed. Improvements to our athletic fields, which had been on hold due to costs, are now able to be addressed in this project as a result of careful financial planning. Please see below for additional project details.

    Key Scope Highlights of the 2023 Capital Improvement Project Proposal

    High School
    Air Conditioning
    (This allows windows to remain closed at all times, providing additional security while still getting air flow and ventilation in the building.)

    Athletic Fields Projects: 

    Athletics field illustration

    • Multi-Purpose Turf Field Complex
      Multipurpose turf fields, sidewalks, fencing, netting, multipurpose equipment, earthwork and storm requirements, scoreboard

    • Baseball & Softball Turf Field Athletic Complex
      Turf Fields with Dugouts
      Fencing, Scoreboard, Sidewalks
      Earthwork & Storm Requirements

      Picture shows cracking of front ramp picture shows ramp area deterioration  more ramp deterioration
    • General Site Work
      Dual-Sided Grandstands and Press Box
      Football Field Athletic Lighting Replacement
      Full Depth Replacement of Eagle Drive
      Eagle Drive Sidewalk Replacements
      Front Entry Stair, Ramp, and Seating Area Replacement


    image of roof top solar arrays 

    Building Renovations
    Restroom Renovations
    HVAC Upgrades
    Elevator Replacement
    Media Center Renovations
    ADA Signage
    Rooftop Solar Electrical Panels
    Rooftop Solar Structural Requirements
    Regrout Pool Tile
    Roofing Replacement at BOCES wing

    William G. Houston Middle School
    Foundation Wall Repairs

    picture shows deterioration of foundation wall  Picture shows crumbling concrete block at foundation wall  picture shows holes in concrete block of foundation wall

    A.J. Schmidt Elementary School
    Flat Roof Replacement

    Highland Elementary School
    Flat Roof Replacement

    J.T. Waugh Elementary School
    Gym Roof Replacement

    W.T. Hoag Educational Center
    Flat Roof Replacement


    picture shows cracking in parking lot asphalt and where section would be repaved and where roof needs replacement

    Roof Replacement
    Thru Wall Flashing Replacement
    Office Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement
    Preparation for Future Electric Buses
    Concrete Gutter Replacement
    Powered Sliding Gate Replacements
    Underground Storm Work

  • Pie chart shows funding sources

    This is how the proposal would be funded, so the 2023 Capital Improvement Project  won't create additional local taxes.  

    Chart of Project Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if the referendum does not pass?

  • Isn’t State Aid just my tax dollars too?

  • Why was the cost of this work not included within the District’s annual budget?

  • What is the total cost of this proposed project and how will it affect my taxes?

  • When will the work take place?

  • What needs does the project address?

  • How was the proposed project developed?

  • Why is the District proposing this capital project?

  • Public Hearing
    6:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 18
    High School Auditorium
    959 Beach Road
    Angola, NY 14006

    Project Vote
    9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Tuesday, May 16
    High School District Office Lobby
    959 Beach Road
    Angola, NY 14006