•  A Message from the Superintendent, Mr. Daniel Pacos
    Dan Pacos

    It is my honor and privilege to be the new Superintendent at Lake Shore. After working here for nearly 20 years managing the district's business affairs, I have a keen sense of both the opportunities and the challenges before us.   

    I know the deep commitment the community has for Lake Shore and the aspirations we all have for our children. I look forward to working with our Board of Education, faculty, staff, parents and community on behalf of our children, all of their possibilities and potential, and their very brightest future. 

    My vision for Lake Shore is to work to get everyone more cohesive, and less polarized again. Our society has experienced a rift along social and political lines. As a district we need to move beyond that and all pull together to reach our goals as school districts should be open to alternative views. To determine our goals I will work collaboratively with the Board of Education and various stakeholders to develop the District's first strategic plan. Through this process we will examine a lot of District data like current and projected District population and enrollment, the District's various instructional programs, transportation and facilities needs, along with current and projected trends in K-12 public education. Based on the final strategic plan, we will position the District to meet challenges and goals that are identified. 
    As we move forward into 2022 I want to guide the District's administrative team members to focus on instruction and delivery of our programs for students. COVID-19, testing, vaccinations, personal protective equipment and quarantine requirements have consumed a great deal of our time both last year and this year. Our focus needs to shift back to the District's core mission - education of our students. We will follow our established protocols within our buildings to continue to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff while we again concentrate on the day to day learning that takes place throughout our classrooms.
    Last, we will work to see our current capital construction projects through to completion, giving all of our school buildings increased safety and security as well as more modern and appropriate instructional spaces.  Work is progressing well under Phases 2, 3 and 4 of the projects currently with a Phase 5 in the planning stages. All school buildings currently have some sort of construction work being started or completed.  
    My hope is that this vision will create a culture at Lake Shore where students feel welcome, comfortable, and strive to excel. Lake Shore CSD is a truly special place, and I'm humbled and honored to serve as the District's Superintendent of Schools.


    Daniel Pacos,  
    Superintendent of Schools



    Every year, the Lake Shore Central School District sets goals that reflect the expecations of our professional learning community in all aspects of educating our students.
    These are the 2021-22 goals approved by the Board of Education:

    2021-22 GOALS
    The District Will …

    • Maintain a rigorous curriculum and high-quality instruction to advance
    the learning of all students.

    • Provide school community members with opportunities
    to support their mental and physical health and safety.

    • Utilize state and federal funding to maintain and expand educational opportunities.

    • Advocate for digital equity of technology
    at the local, state and federal levels for all students.

    • Proceed with our Capital Construction Project plans, continue to maintain our facilities
    at the highest level, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility in all areas of operation.

    • Foster a culture of community engagement to promote a partnership for success.

    Thank you all for your commitment to these goals and our students’ educational journey.  

    Daniel W. Pacos, Superintendent of Schools 


    The Lake Shore Central School District, in partnership with our students, families and school community,
    will cultivate engaging, diverse, and challenging educational opportunities and learning environments
    to promote lifelong learning and achievement
    in preparation for high school graduation, college and careers.