•  A Message from the Superintendent, Mr. Daniel Pacos
    Dan Pacos

    I hope this message finds you well. I'm excited to provide a detailed update on the significant progress we've been making toward our goals for this school year. Our focus spans across various critical areas to ensure a well-rounded and thriving educational environment.

    Academically, our efforts are directed towards aligning the curriculum across all grades. We believe this ensures a consistent and seamless learning experience for our students. It's crucial for parents to actively participate in their children's education, particularly by encouraging them to take state exams. These exams provide valuable insights into their academic development, allowing us to tailor our support accordingly.

    I'm delighted to share positive news regarding health and safety. We've implemented a program where all students can now enjoy free breakfast and lunch, a significant step in promoting the overall well-being of our student body. Additionally, we're placing a strong emphasis on bus safety measures and providing education on cybersecurity to equip our students with essential skills in navigating the digital landscape safely.

    In terms of finances, we are meticulously finalizing our budget, taking into account the ending of federal Covid relief funding. Our financial analysis extends to program costs, and we are actively seeking additional state funding to support various initiatives that enhance the educational experience.

    On the technology front, we are committed to staying ahead. Our investments include expanding high-speed internet access and promoting our eSports program, fostering a technologically enriched learning environment for our students.

    Facility-wise, we're excited about the ongoing renovations and improvements. Projects range from the renovation of the High School Large Group Instruction Room to the installation of air conditioning, solar panels, and enhancements to the bus parking lot. Looking ahead, our plans encompass the development of turf fields, improved lighting, additional seating, and the construction of an announcing booth.

    Communication and community engagement remain at the core of our approach. We evaluated our space utilization in elementary schools and involved stakeholders in decision-making processes. A recent decision to retain fifth-grade classes in elementary schools was made with the intention of minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition for students while creating instructional space in the elementary buildings by increasing some class sizes and reducing the number of classrooms at some grade levels.

    As we approach the end of the school year, I want to stress the importance of collaboration. Together, let's continue working toward a strong finish, fostering an environment of academic excellence, safety, and community engagement.

    Warm regards,

    Daniel Pacos
    Superintendent of Schools