•  A Message from the Superintendent, Mr. Daniel Pacos
    Dan Pacos

    I'd like to welcome students, staff, parents and community members back to Lake Shore Central School District's schools for the 2022-23 school year. This year holds a lot of promise for us as we embrace a new beginning and work to make this the best year that it can be for our students.

    The District's administrators, teachers and staff will be working to accomplish the District's goals throughout the coming year. While the overall goals include maintaining and improving student academics, we realize our students can't learn when they aren't with us. As we move through what we hope is the end of the Covid-19 period, please keep in mind that if your child is sick please keep them home. But, we ask you to make sure your child is in school every day that they are not sick, so we can make sure they get the most out of their school experience this year. This year, we will continue our focus on meeting the social and emotional needs of students and staff, so we can nurture an environment where our students can learn. 
    I hope you noticed and like the new look of our District web site. We wanted to make the site easier for parents and community members to access and find what you need.The District's goals for 2022-23 include maintaining and improving communication. We felt this might be a good start!  
    Please take a look around our school buildings when you visit them. Lake Shore staff have been hard at work during the 2022 summer months. You will note that we now have secure, single point of entry lobbies in all our school buildings. This helps ensure the safety of our students and staff. Coupled with the new entryways are renovated principal and nurse's offices. If you visit our Highland or A.J. Schmidt elementary school buildings, take a moment to check out the new playgrounds. These playgrounds feature a rubberized solid surface that provides cushioned injury protection, and they are also handicapped accessible. The new playground equipment is geared to the age of our elementary students and is suitable for use by children receiving occupational and physical therapy. The area is more than just a playground, it will be used for physical education and therapy too! *J.T. Waugh students aren't being left out - we will add a new playground for the J.T. Waugh and Wm.T. Hoag schools next summer, just like the A.J. Schmidt and Highland playgrounds. Classroom renovations are nearing completion at the High School, along with a refurbished auditorium. The aud is not quite ready for the start of the school year as we had hoped, but should be ready before the start of our winter concerts and events. If you have been waiting for the High School aud to be refurbished (as many people have), make sure to attend an event and experience the improvements. I think you'll like the results!  
    You may have attended the District's ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first electric school bus in Western New York, or maybe you saw the story on local news. I'd like to thank our voters and Board of Education members for supporting the effort to get an electric bus for Lake Shore. In five years we will not be able to purchase diesel or gasoline-powered buses, and in 10 years we must have all diesel and gas buses out of our fleet. We felt that it would be wise to get one electric bus and try it out to see what, if any, issues we might have. That way, we could figure out solutions to any issues before we have more of them in the fleet.  A huge "Thank You" to Lake Shore's Director of Transportation, Mr. Perry Oddi, for securing grant funding for the bus, and to our bus drivers who are excited about driving it. Our District is lucky to have you transporting our children.
    My hope is that my vision for Lake Shore will create a culture where students feel welcome, comfortable, become involved and strive to excel. Lake Shore CSD is a truly special place, and I'm humbled and honored to serve as the District's Superintendent of Schools.


    Daniel Pacos,  
    Superintendent of Schools