Lake Shore Central School District Personal Learning Device

  • The mission of the Personal Learning Device Program here at the Lake Shore Central School District is to support a learning environment by creating new opportunities through technology. Teachers are the key to the effective leveraging of instructional technology to improve student learning experiences. Effective technology integration allows for the creation of richer learning experiences, increased engagement, and personalized learning for all students. It also helps learners that benefit from accessibility tools at their side. By having a school-issued device, students can also extend their learning beyond school walls and develop lifelong learning habits through the support of technology. Ultimately, all stakeholders; the Board of Education, school administration, district staff, and the community, play a role in the development of effective and high-quality educational experiences for students. Chromebooks are just one ingredient in the recipe for success.


    GRADES 6-12

    We will be rolling out a Personal Learning Device grades 6-12 in September 2021.

    Parent/Guardians will need to sign a loan agreement form and return it to the teacher before being issued a device. We are issuing Chromebooks.

    Parent/Guardians will have the option to purchase device insurance from the Worth Group. This can only be purchased online and NOT through the Lake Shore School Central District. 


    Here is a copy of the Loan Agreement Form, Optional Device Insurance and User Guidelines

    Lake Shore Central School District Device Sign Off Form

    Worth Ave. Group Device Coverage

    User Guidelines (click to view)

    GRADES K-5

    We are going to be using funds from the Smart Schools Bond Act to purchase devices for grades K-5. We were recently approved for funding but due to the pandemic the supply of devices is extremely limited. We are hoping these will be handed out in the Spring 2022 as we have no control over the supply chain from vendors. In the meantime carts from the Middle School and High School have been cleaned, inventoried and reppurposed for use at the three Elementary Schools so students will have plenty of devices to do online learning.