• NEW - Smart Schools Amendment has been submitted to NYSED

    Round 4 Smart Schools - PA and Phone System Upgrades

    April 2, 2024

    To enhance the security of our buildings and provide better functionality to address any emergency or crisis situation the Lake Shore Central School District must upgrade it's current outdated PA systems and VoIP phone systems. These new systems would allow any phone in the District to use a code to call for a lock down, lock out, shelter in place, and any other part of our Emergency and Building Safety Plans. Right now administration and clerical are limited to a single locaiton (a building office) to make all calls and to call for any type of sheltering. By upgrading our PA along with new VoIP phone system this would allow any adminsitrator with the correct phone code to make announcements at any phone in the District thus increasing the reaction time in the event of an emergency and replacing long outdated equipment that is becoming more and more difficult to service. 

    The Proposed Expenditures can be found HERE



    Round 3 Smart Schools Slides - Chromebook purchase - July 27 2020

    October 18, 2016 
    The Lake Shore Central School District plans to submit its second Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) proposal. Please see the accompanying slides for details on the items included. The proposal will be open for public comments using the survey link included on the last slide of the document. Comments will close 30 days from this posting on November 16, 2016.