Hello students!  I miss you terribly and hope that you are all safe and doing well. For band student, in the links for your class on this page are directions to the google doc I've created, called BANDO. The goal is to complete AT LEAST 17 of the 25 activities on the sheet to get a special treat when we return (there may even be a bonus if you complete all 25).  

    Below BANDO are links to some of the sites I mentioned on the game board.  There are some great resources to keep you playing!  

    My email address is Jennifer.kenny@lscsd.org.  Feel free to send me recordings, ask me questions or just say hello! Please make sure to follow @lsmsbands on Instagram and/or @LSMSBands on Twitter for updates and fun content along the way.  

    For lessons, your lesson group will be sent individualized google docs with some additional, optional materials to work on.  Feel free to post there with questions/comments.  I'll make them so you can edit them and then you can communicate with me as well.  

    I will update this page when I find out the status of whether our upcoming events are postponed or canceled.  For now, we do know that the spring solo festivals and our contest at Eden have been postponed. 

    I KNOW I will see you all soon.  Use this time to recharge, spend time with your family, learn new things, explore and create.  Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!  

    ~Mrs. Kenny ☘️☘️


    For brass players:  Use a mouthpiece brush or papertowel (NOT TISSUES), hot water and soap to scrub the inside and outside of your mouthpiece.  Rinse well and let air dry.  You may also soak the mouthpiece in mouth wash. 

    For Saxophone and clarinets: Use a mouthpiece brush or papertowel (NOT TISSUES) to scrub the inside and outside of your water with hot water and soap.  Rinse well and let air dry. 

    Flutes: Use warm water and soap to wash the outside of your head joint.  Be careful not to submerge the headjoint into water as it will ruin the cork. 

    Oboes: Use mouthwash to briefly soak your reed, rinse and let dry before soaking your reed to play. 

    Percussion: Wipe sticks and equipment with disenfecting cleaning wipes and let dry. Be careful not to saturate your equipment. 

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