• Lake Shore High School

    Onödowa’ga:’ Gawënö’

    Course Syllabus

    Ms. Aëdza:’niyo Seneca


    LSHS: 716-926-2287

    SNI Dept. of Ed: 716-532-3341 extension 5168

    LSHS: renee.seneca@lscsd.org

    SNI Dept. of Ed: aedzaniyo.seneca@sni.org




    Seneca Classroom 233



    Standard 1: Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.


    Welcome to Onödowa’ga:’ Gawënö’!  During the course of the year, we will explore the rich Language and Culture of the Seneca people. We will follow a daily routine and participate in activities to help develop language skills and reach the standards set by New York State for Languages Other Than English.



    Standard 2: Students will develop cross cultural skills and understandings.


    Topics include but are not limited to:

    ·         School Environment

    ·         Personal Identification

    ·         Family & Community

    ·         Health & Wellness

    ·         Meal Taking

    ·         Earning a Living

    ·         Public & Private Services

    ·         Shopping

    ·         Travel & Leisure

    ·          Physical Environment


    20% Daily Participation

    20% Homework

    20% Quizzes  

    20% Topic Tests

    20% Projects

    • There will be a 10 point deduction for every day that your homework assignments & projects are late.