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    Boys scheduled for December 7th - December 22nd  
    Girls scheduled for January 3rd - January 21st
    Basic Information
    1. The swim unit will take place for approximately 7 classes.
    2. The main purpose of the unit is to drown proof students while teaching them basic swimming strokes as well as water safety.

    Needed Items
    1. Swim Suit
              guys= shorts with drawstring
              girls = one piece preferably, tankinis accepted. Bikinis with tank tops.
    2. Towel
    3. Plastic Bag - used to take home wet clothes after each class
    Optional Items
    1. Flip flops
    2. Hair dryer
    3. Goggles
    4. Nose plugs
    5. Swim shoes
    6. Swim caps
    7. Showering Accessories - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.
    Additional Information
    1. Students are expected to swim each class.
    2. Students will be required to complete makeup classes for missed swim classes.
    3. Make-up classes will be offered toward the end of the unit.
    4. Students grade will be negatively affected for each missed swim class.
    5. ALL swim excuses MUST go through the nurse prior to class.
    PLEASE, do not come down to the pool without a nurse note and expect to sit out.
    Swim items dropped off from home during the day will be in the main office - students are asked to check there on their own. They will not be called down to get their items.