• A Long Walk to Water Begins...

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 9/21/2015
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  • Welcome back!

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 8/31/2015
       Aren't you excited to begin a new school year? Let's make 2015-2016 your best year yet! I am excited to meet all of my new students and out find out what kind of readers, writers, and thinker you are. We have two action packed days ahead; we will be writing an ABC autobiography poem, setting up our classroom, and getting to know each other. I am looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. 
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  • Is the impact of technology mostly negative or positive?

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 5/7/2015
    Technology: love it or hate it, it's here to stay. Our children's brain development is being affected by their constant use of devices.
    What kinds of discussions are you having about technology?
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  • R-A-F-T

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 3/5/2015
    This week we are focusing on our reading strategies for informational text as we read some articles about a few different environmental issues. We are also learning a new writing strategy called "RAFT"- role, audience, format, and topic. Students are being asked to develop a piece of writing around an environmental issue using the role, audience, and format of their choice. They have come up with some amazing ideas and are excited to write their rough drafts!
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  • What a character!

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 1/14/2015
       We have been studying the characterization of Lyddie in the novel. She shows many different traits and we have been paying attention to how the author indirectly characterizes Lyddie and the other characters. We wrote a poem using evidence from the book to support the character traits.
    Next we will be focusing on the working conditions in the factory. This is a great time to have a family discussion about employment experiences and working conditions today. 
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  • Living La Vida Lyddie

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 1/7/2015
       We are well into our reading of the novel Lyddie by Katherine Paterson. We are reading chapter six this week as well as analyzing her character traits and incorporating them into a free verse poem. We watched the PBS documentary entitled Mill Times to help deepen our understanding of the time period in which the book takes place.
       The students have relatively little knowledge of this time period, but will be learning more about it next year in 8th grade social studies.  Lyddie is a character from whom we have a lot to learn about responsibility, perseverance, and love.
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  • Oh the weather outside...

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 12/1/2014
       I hope you all were safe and warm during that terrible storm! Now that we are back to business around here, it's essay time. The students are writing their final essay on A Long Walk to Water. We will write this in class and complete the final copy in class as well. Students may type the essay as well, if they can do so on their own time as we will not be going into the computer lab as a group.
       Otherwise, we will be taking some time to review literary devices over the next few weeks as well as reading and writing some poetry. We will begin our next novel, Lyddie, shortly. 
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  • Where are they now?

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 11/12/2014
    After we finished reading the novel, A Long Walk to Water , the students had lots of questions about the characters and connections to real-world events. We will be reading a non fiction article about the conflict in southern Sudan as well as watching the 60 Minutes episode about the Lost Boys. It is very important for the students to realize how this conflict truly impacted all the people of the Sudan.
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  • I will survive...

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 11/6/2014
    Survival factors are an important concept in the book A Long Walk to Water. We have been discussing three kinds of survival: physical, mental, and emotional. The students have been considering what helps the characters survive in these ways and finding evidence from the book to support their thinking. We are looking forward to some great discussions as we finish the book this week.
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  • Reviewing in a different way...

    Posted by KATHERINE MOLDENHAUER on 10/27/2014
    Today, the students worked with a partner to come up with questions for their assigned chapter. The questions had to elicit a conversation and not just require a yes or no answer. They then posted the questions in the room and shared them with the whole class. I will use these questions to create the quiz for tomorrow on Chapters 5-10.
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