•  Hello and welcome to another exciting year.

    I have been a math teacher for over  22 years.  I am a proud Lake Shore Graduate and a district resident with 2 of my children attending the Senior High School.  I began my career at the Middle level.   For the past 15 years I have been teaching 9th grade in the Senior High School.  I was part of the planning and implementation of the Freshman Academy that exists today.  I have taught accelerated Geometry and Algebra 1 culminating in a regents exam for the past 8 years.  I made the decision last year to return to the middle level and  I am very excited about a 2nd year back.

    Textbook-  your son or daughter will be provided a consumable textbook from eMathinstruction.com called Common Core Algebra 1. 

    New York State Regents Algebra 1 (Common Core)-  You son or daughter will take this exam on  June 2018.


    REQUIRED MATERIALS –2 single subject spiral notebooks, blue or black pen,  pencils are encouraged,  loose leaf paper all year, 2 pocket folder, index cards. 

     Please consider purchasing a Texas Instruments graphing calculator model TI 83  or a TI 84  as a long term investment in your child's math career .   There may be other words or letters attached to the model like CE , plus, or silver and those are acceptable also.   The TI84 plus CE  is a very popular rechargable calculator with superior graphics and different color display options.   This graphing calculator can be used for the duration of their high school math career as well as some college level courses.   

    *The school will assign a TI 83 plus  graphing calculator to the students to use  if they do not have their own.  The loan agreement is similar to being issued a textbook.