Welcome to eighth grade math. 

    I have been a math teacher for over 22 years.   I am a proud Lake Shore graduate, district resident, and have 2 children attending the Senior High School. I began my teaching career at the middle level.   For the past 15 years I have been teaching 9th grade at the Senior High School. I was part of the planning and implementation of the Freshman Academy that exists today. I have taught accelerated Geometry and Algebra 1 culminating in a regents exam for the past 8 years. I have made the decision to return to the middle level and I am very excited about it.


    Textbook- your son or daughter will be provided a consumable textbook from Glencoe Common Core Math


    8th Grade Common Core Assessments - Your son or daughter is scheduled to take these assessments on or about May 1st of this school year.


    REQUIRED MATERIALS –1 single subject spiral notebook, blue or black pen, pencils are encouraged, loose leaf paper all year, 2 pocket folder, index cards. 

    The district recommends you purchase a TI30xIIs calculator for use during the school year.  If you choose not to purchase a calculator, one will be provided to your child to use in class.  I can also loan a calculator to your child to take home.  The calculator loan agreement is similar to a textbook loan.

    GRADING – Your grades will consist of mostly test averages.    Approximately 45% of your average will be your tests and up to 40% of your average will be quiz and classwork grades.     Approximately 15% of your grade will be made up of homework and in class extended response activities.

    ***please use the Powerschool for Parent Portal   at www.lakeshorecsd.org to view grades.


    QUIZZES – quizzes will be given periodically throughout the school year. Any material previously taught will be quizzed. Some quizzes will be announced while others will not.


    HOMEWORK –  practice and consistent determination can be the single biggest reason your child will be successful in math. Homework is given just about every day.   You are allowed one free miss each quarter.   Homework will be evaluated on the following criteria.

                                 4= student completed all tasks, shows higher level of competency

                                  3 = shows basic competency, tasks mostly done

                                  2 = shows partial completion of the tasks

                                  1 = little or no completion of the tasks

                                  0 = no tasks complete, very little evidence of interest, absent work not made up

    REMEMBER – I have high expectations for all students. Effort and determination will be an overwhelming factor in the building of your child’s math skills.