• If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please view my "course expectations" handout that was distributed and signed at home in the first week of school.  Here, you can view course goals, grading policies, grading percentages, etc.
    This year, 8th grade students will continue their work on Units of Study reading and writing workshops.  Most homework for students will be done in their reading/writing journals, so check to make sure these are coming home. (Students will be decorating these with personal pictures and interests, so they are easy to spot!)  Also, students will be in book clubs during reading units.  They should be reading nightly in order to meet their deadlines.  Students should also read independent books that they selected in the library throughout the year.
    In order for students to be successful, they need to be in class.  If a student is absent, the expectation is that they log into Google Classroom (which we signed up for together in class) to gather the materials/watch the lesson and come to class prepared the next day.