• The students learned the Art terms texture and warm colors as they strengthened their fine motor skills while ripping and gluing tissue paper to make these beautiful Autumn trees.

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    The kindergarten students participated in a Square 1 Art fundraiser. The created a fish and colored with markers using a pattern. They created 2 fish drawings for this project.

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    The kindergarten students enjoyed watching a Sesame Street video on the primary colors. The song reminded them of the 3 primary colors & the new colors that they make.  They created this abstract Art to reinforce their knowledge of the primary colors.

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     Sesame Street Three Primary Colors video

     The Kindergarten students read the book Emma's Rainy Day by Jane Gillespie on the site Epic! Books for Kids.  They followed a step by step to help them create a figure for their rainy day self-portraits.
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    The students watched a video of the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. They used templates to help them trace and cut out the various geometric shapes they used to make their house. They used white paint and cotton swabs to turn it into a snowy day.
      The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
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    In class we read the book Armadillo Tattletale by Helen Ketteman.  This helped remind the students that eavesdropping,tattling, and not telling the truth can all lead to trouble like it did for Armadillo in the story. The students practiced tracing shapes to create their own armadillo and added color with colored pencils.
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      In class we read the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. In the story Duncan’s crayons are upset about how they are being used.  The students then drew their own picture making sure they used all the crayons and treated them properly.  They were able to draw whatever they wanted, it just had to have lots of things going on, very colorful and use their very best coloring skills.
     The Kindergarten students learned about patterns after watching a Sesame Street video with Bert & Ernie. They traced their hand and practiced making patterns using colored pencils. A special touch was added with a snowflake and glitter.
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