• The Ojibway story of the birch tree was the starting point for this project. Corrugated cardboard was used to create the look of birch trees for these autumn landscapes.  They used a stippling brush and warm colors to create the leaves and yellow & blue for the grass.

    Ojibway Story of the Birch Tree

    Macie      Davey      Maddex


       Students participated in the Square 1 Art fundraiser. They created these tree silhouettes using construction and tissue paper.
     Isabella      Rowan     Kaysen     Blake


     The students learned about symmetry and the correct placement of the facial features while they were creating their self-portraits.
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     Students watched a video of the book Snowmen All Year by Caralyn Buehner.  They learned the difference between worm's eye view and bird's eye view.  They drew their own snowman using a worm's eye view.  They added color with crayons and colored pencils.
    Anna     Emmitt      Ben     Jadyn
    Started in the internet world, the cat with a sour puss known as Grumpy Cat has crossed over into books, movies, and other merchandise as well as our Art room.  3rd grade students created their own interpretation using colored pencils.
    Myles     Ben1     Sara     
    The students learned about the Chinese New Year and different traditions that are associated with the New Year.  They watched a video showing a traditional Chinese Lion Dance. The students used a step by step guideline to help them draw a Chinese Lion.  They outlined with oil pastels and then used a watercolor resist technique to color with paint.
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    The students in 3rd grade reviewed warm and cool colors.  They drew a sun and colored one half with just warm colors and the other half with just cool colors. The next step was to draw a background.  When they colored it they used the opposite color scheme. On the side of the sun that had warm colors they colored the background with cool colors. The side of the sun that had cool colors then had a warm color background.  

    zoeyziegler    ariellayoung    williamjump

    more suns


    For this project the students learned what a still life painting was. They used watercolor crayons for their vase & table. Their flowers were made from celery, peppers, carrots, and broccoli.

    veg    veggie    stilllife

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