August 23, 2019

    Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 school year at Lake Shore High School!  We are looking forward to having the energy of our students, both current and new, in the building.

    After a very busy year of Phase I construction in the high school, our Main Office Suite is back in its home.  The setting is beautiful and we know our students will find the Main Office, Counseling Center, and Nurse’s office suites inviting and accessible to their needs.

    Although we are under construction currently, our parents will be able to use our High School Main entrance found on the Beach Rd. side of the building at the start of the school year.  We are looking forward to re-opening our new and improved Main entrance.  One change that parents/guardians can expect is the need to enter the Main Office to sign out your child if they are leaving early.  Students will not be released without a parent/guardian visiting the Main Office and showing their photo identification so please be sure to bring it in with you when you arrive.    

    As we begin the school year, we want to emphasis our commitment in supporting the academic and social emotional growth of our students.  Our goal is to support our students in achieving success in their individual academic pathways, whether college, military, or career post high school graduation.  It is important that we team together to ensure that we are guiding our students as they travel along that path.  Please feel free to reach out to us with questions.

    Students will be able to access their schedules on August 28th through their account in PowerSchool. Locker numbers and combinations can be found there as well.

    September will be a busy month with students adjusting to the pace of the school year, along with activities such as sports teams, clubs and of course Homecoming!  Whether your child is playing or supporting friends we hope to see them at some of our many events.  Below are a few dates to keep on your radar as we start the school year.  Information is also available on our high school homepage: www.lakeshorecsd.org > High School > Upcoming Events > View Calendar.

    For your convenience, we have listed some of our upcoming events below:

    August 28th                          New Student Orientation / Parent Drug & Alcohol Forum, 10:30 – 12:30 pm

    September 3rd                    First Day of School

    September 19th                 Open House, 6:30 pm

    September 23rd             Start of Spirit Week

    September 25th                 Financial Aid Night, 6:30 pm

    September 27th                  Homecoming Game, 6:30 pm

    September 28th             Homecoming Dance, 7:00 pm

    Please be aware that our Parent Drug & Alcohol Forum is mandatory and must be repeated every four years.  Students may not attend our Homecoming Dance or Prom if a parent has not attended this forum. Thank you in advance for your participation in supporting our students so they make good decisions. They are our most prized possession!

    If you are interested in following Lake Shore High School on Twitter you can join us at #EaglesLSHS.

    We look forward to Partnering with you to support the success of our Lake Shore High School students!



    Christine Koch                           Daryl Besant                                                       Christopher D’Anna

    Principal                                     Athletic Director/Assistant Principal                     Assistant Principal