• September 2, 2017

    Dear Parents and Family members;

    I hope you and your family had a great summer.  It’s hard to believe the new school year has begun!  I am writing this as an introduction.  First I would like to introduce myself, Karen DiChristina-Osuch as your child’s classroom teacher.   We have a very busy academic year ahead of us with a full schedule of meaningful, interesting fun lessons and activities planned for our class.  Your child will continue their academic studies in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Social Studies, and Science as well as an introduction to Life Skills.  Life Skills curriculum includes Activities of Daily Living such as:

    ·         Real-life English Language Arts (ELA) (writing resumes, completing applications, healthy menu planning, shopping lists, writing letters, reading for leisure and learning, public speaking, and active listening).

    ·         Everyday math (money, telling time, and measurement)

    ·         Real-life Social Studies (social interactions with peers and adults, citizenship, students’ rights and responsibilities, local, state, and Federal government, economics, and geography).

    ·         Real-life science (hygiene and grooming, chemical interactions and reactions during cooking/baking, Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) guidelines for nutrition, being prepared and interacting with local weather conditions, and living a healthy life style.

    The second introduction I would like to make is to the classroom curriculum Unique Learning System.  This is a research-based curriculum designed for students with special learning needs.  Please read the attached letter to learn more about the Unique Learning System.  I have also attached the curriculum scope and sequence for the 2017-2018 school year.

    We are looking forward to teaching your child this year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.


    Karen DiChristina-Osuch

    Phone number direct to classroom: 716-926-2731


    E-mail me at karen.dichristina@lscsd.org