• Mrs. Maureen Reichert

    Special Education Teacher

    Phone: (716) 926-3799

    Email: maureen.reichert@lscsd.org

    Hello Lake Shore Families!

    Updated March 23rd & March 26th: Please join our Google Classrooms if you haven't done so already. The log in to Google Classroom is your first name.last name@lscsd.org and the password is lsc and your lunch pin number. We are asking you to leave a message on Google classroom to let us know that you are able to access what you need for learning at home and are participating with us. Please email me if you are having difficulty getting to Google Classroom. My email is maureen.reichert@lscsd.org. Thank you! Be well everyone!

    Google Classroom Teacher Log in:   

    Mrs. Reichert's Class code:  gpmim7m   

    Miss Murphy's Class code: ioaebb7

    We will be posting additional material each week. Let us know what you have completed. Please leave us a message to just say hi and let us know how you are doing! We miss you all! Be well everyone! :)

    *** March 18th 2020 -See original updated message at bottom of the page for log in to IXL Math

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope you all have enjoyed your Summer! I am honored to be your child's teacher this year in the Life Skills Program. We are very fortunate to have Miss Dawn Murphy as our Teaching Assistant. Our classroom is now located back in the West wing of the High School in Room 119. There will be a welcome letter sent with information for the beginning of the new school year. Please note that my email has been changed to maureen.reichert@lscsd.org. 

    The Life Skills Program is using the Unique Learning System as the classroom curriculum. The curriculum program has been designed specifically for children with special learning needs. While the foundation of Unique is the content standards (Reading, Writing, Math, and Science/ Social Studies), the lessons are modified to make sure that all children have a way to participate and learn. There is a strong emphasis on Lifeskills that are embedded in each lesson. Unique Learning System has a High School/ Transition Grade Band with Instructional Targets which are as follows:

    • Employability
    • Daily Living
    • Community Living
    • Personal Life
    • Lifelong Learning

    I will be sending home a monthly newsletter to keep you informed on our lessons and activities throughout the year. It will also be posted on my website as well.

    Please feel free to call or email me if you ever have any questions or concerns throughout the year and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

    I'm looking forward to a wonderful year in the Life Skills program!


    Mrs. Maureen Reichert and Miss Dawn Murphy

    **UPDATED on March 18th 2020

    Lake Shore Parents and Students,

    Please use Google Classroom for Long Distance Learning opportunities in addition to the packets of activities distributed today. Your specific log in information is in your packet of materials. The Log in for Google Classroom for all students is first name.lastname@lscsd.org and the password is lsc and your lunch pin number. You can also practice IXL Math which is accessed through the District Home Page. Go to Schools at the top of the page and to the High School site, click students in the right column and then you will see the IXL link. Log in (if you were unable to get material packets with IXL log in information, please email me and I will send it to you.) Click IXL Diagnostics for updated material geared for your specific level. If you have any questions please email me at maureen.reichert@lscsd.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Stay Healthy Everyone! Thank you :)