NOTICE:    Aug 12, 2017 
    TARGET has TI-84 plus CE calculators on sale for $89.99.  That’s at least a $25 saving and a GREAT buy for a color screen calc that can really be an asset on the Regents exam!  All freshman will need a graphing calculator whether they are taking Intro to Algebra, Algebra 1 or Geometry.
    *The school does not provide this (TI-84 plus CE) calculator.  The district only owns older grayscale calcs.
    Welcome to Mrs. Allesi and Mrs. Brodie's
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    Please use our resources tab to find an online graphing calculator, websites with practice problems and links to tutorial videos.  Answer keys and class handouts will become available as the year goes on.  This website is a work in progress,  feel free to email us with questions or comments. 
    Thank you and have a successful year in Algebra 1,
    Mrs. Allesi             and             Mrs. Brodie
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