NOTICE:    March 18, 2020
    Students should be logging into their Google Classroom to communicate with teachers and view assignments and resources.
    To reach Mrs Allesi you can ask any questions via email at  nancy.allesi@lscsd.org or by phone at 926-2274 where you can leave a voicemail and I can return your call later.  You can also request the code for the Remind alerts via email or view them in Google Classroom.
    Mrs. Brodie can be reached at  amy.brodie@lscsd.org  and 926-2135.  
    Welcome to Mrs. Allesi and Mrs. Brodie's
    Freshman Academy
    Common Core Algebra 1 Page
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    Please use our resources tab to find an online graphing calculator, websites with practice problems and links to tutorial videos.  This website is not upgraded often as Google classroom is the best way for students to communicate and get information from teachers.
    Thank you and have a successful year in Algebra 1,
    Mrs. Allesi             and             Mrs. Brodie
    nancy.allesi@lscsd.org        amy.brodie@lscsd.org
    716-926-2274                           716-926-2135