• About Me

    Hello! My name is Ashley Siragusa. I was born and raised in Angola, N.Y. I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with my Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education. I am currently continuing my education at SUNY Fredonia for their Literacy Master Program. Throughout my years at SUNY Fredonia and working at an after school program, I have gained more knowledge and experience than I ever thought possible. At the after-school program, Community Action Organization, I worked closely with students aged five to 13. I have also worked with this age group virtually. The Community Action Organization is a non-profit organization for low-income families. We offer after-school care and a summer camp. I was a substitute teacher for Lake Shore. I became a long-term substitute from December 2022 to April 13th. I then became a full-time employee Special Education teacher with the district after that. Whether it be one-on-one tutoring, small groups, or teaching a whole group, these opportunities have helped me grow. I am looking forward to molding critical thinkers, and to leave a lasting imprint on students’ lives.

    My teaching philosophy is strongly influenced by Abraham Maslow’s humanistic approach and in particular his Hierarchy of Needs. I aim to ensure students’ basic needs are met in the classroom so that they feel happy, comfortable, safe and welcomed into the classroom. When students’ basic needs are met, they can focus on learning and personal development. In order to have a positive outcome with students, they need these needs met. I strive to make my classroom a safe haven for students. Children will not open up until they feel safe - physically and emotionally. After these needs are met, students are then able to learn. I have a passion to help children grow as students as well as an individual. I desire to push children to do their best academically and outside of the classroom. Each child learns and obtains information differently. It is my job to find out how each of my students learn and make appropriate lesson plans. I aspire to create a student-centered learning environment in which the student is in the driving seat of their own learning.

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