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     And Foreign Language Club!

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    Mademoiselle Kozlowski

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    Lake Shore Senior High School




     Félicitations aux étudiants du français du mois! Congratulations French students of the month!


    Septembre- Marcus Kowalski (F2) Justine Kranz (F4) Lindsay Nau (F3)

    Octobre- Kelly Cian (F2)

    Novembre- Julia Marinaro (F3)

    Décembre- Mason Ald (F4) and Bri Beutler (F3)

    Janvier- Liz Degenaars (F2)

    Février- Kirsten Lehnen (F4)

    Mars- Anna Sheehan (F2)

    Avril- Bethany Montroy (F2)

    Mai- Sarah Bovo (F4)

    étudiant de l'année- Josh Buchanan (F5)

    Department Scholarship Senior Recipient- Alex Martin



    Language is a skill we must practice or we lose! Copy of summer assignment here.

    Due dates: July 14th, July 28th, August 11th, August 25th

    A septembre!  :)  



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