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    Concert animation      Upcoming Concerts and Events

    Secondary Band Concert
    March 18th, 7pm Middle School
    Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and the 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Bands
    Side-by-Side Orchestra Concert
    April 10th, 7pm High School
    All Orchestras grades 4-12
    District Jazz Concert
    April 15th, 7pm High School
    Featuring Trumpet Great Paul Gaspar and the District Jazz Ensembles

    Please see each teacher's individual websites (click on their name below) for specific information on each program.

    Band Director
    Music Department Chairman
    (716) 926-2117
    Orchestra Director
    (716) 926-2344

    John Kresse

    Band Director
    (716) 926-2118
    Chorus and General Music Director                       
    (716) 926-2159