•   United States History and Government Course Syllabus

    Mr. Wawrowski


    I.                  Course:


    US History and Government is based on the major events and governmental policies that have shaped our country. The course covers the First Americans to modern day. The class ends with the New York State Regents test in June. You must pass this test in order to graduate high school.


    II.               Class management:


    Students will comply with rules established in the student handbook & class. Learning is a right and no one will be allowed to infringe on the class’s right to learn. A violation of class or school rules is subject to immediate action by both teachers and administration. Cell phones are not in the course curriculum, therefore don’t have them out period! Assignment credit will be nullified if cellphone usage is an issue



    III.           Grading:


    Averages for this course are calculated by E-class a grading program. Each grade is given a weight or value.   These weights are used to determine quarter averages.


    1.      Homework 20%

    2.      Participation 20%

    3.      Practice 10%

    4.      Project 20%

    5.      Quiz 10%

    6.      Test 20%

    The final course average is broken done as follows:


    1st Quarter    20%

    2nd Quarter   20%

    3rd Quarter   20 %

    4th Quarter   20%

    Final Exam: New York State Regents test 20%




    IV.           Homework Policy:


    Students are expected to come prepared with homework when assigned. If a student does not complete assigned work, he/she must bring hand in the material the following day regardless of the class schedule. The student must communicate with Mr. Wawrowski for any alternate arrangements, but those arrangements are at the discretion of the teacher.



    V.              Teacher Availability:


    Mr. Wawrowski is available 2:30-3:00 almost everyday. Written communications can be sent to the main office at the high school. Phone calls can be directed to

    549-2300 extension 2161. Mr. Wawrowski’s room is 235 located in the West Wing of the building on the second floor. Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY concerns or questions. 


    VI.           Class Materials:


    Students are required to obtain:


    1.      A three ring binder at least 2 inches in width

    2.      Loose leaf paper

    3.      Blue or black ink pens

    4.      Mechanical pencils

    5.     (Recommended NOT Required) Prentice Hall United States History & Government Review Book


    Students must come to class with these materials EVERYDAY as they are part of the participation grade for the class. There will be frequent notebook checks to ensure student participation. Being prepared is key to success in any subject and in life.