PARTICIPATION/ATTENDANCE is extremely important in this class. Come to school. See me on the day you return from an absence (EVEN IF THERE IS NO PHYSICS THAT DAY!!) so that you can be prepared before the next class.

    If you do not see me you will not be allowed to make up any work missed while absent and will receive a zero.

    If you miss your class block but are in school during any portion of the school day, you must turn in any assignment that is due that day. I will not accept these papers late.

    Good attendance will be rewarded. First of all, your grade will reflect the work you put into the course and secondly…

    2 points will be awarded to your quarterly average if you have no absences.

    1 points will be awarded to your quarterly average if you have only 1 absence.

    Please note: 2 tardy = 1 absence to me.

    NOTE: You may make up an absence by staying after school 2 times within a week.

    HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS will be given at the beginning of each chapter (generally about 8-10 problems) from the textbook. They are given a due date and are expected to be complete at the beginning of class on the date due with no late assignments being accepted!. Each problem counts as 2 points (assignment value between 16-20 points).

    TESTS are given following a 1 or 2 chapter unit and take approximately 60 minutes. They typically will be comprised of a number of problems (similar to the homework problems), multiple choice questions, and a few short answer questions. Each test is graded out of 100 points.

    During quarters 1 and 3, you may take a test remake within 1 week of the original test date. Your score will be the average of the 2 test scores.

    During quarters 2 and 4, you will be allowed to drop your lowest test each quarter provided we take 5 in a quarter. If you miss a test you will be expected to take a remake test THE NEXT DAY you return to school (either in class, or after school).

    EXPERIMENTS are performed approximately once every week and are typically due one week after completion. Late labs will be assessed a 10% penalty per day (not class!) up to 5 days and then will receive a score of zero. Laboratory write-ups are a valuable learning tool in this class and are graded to reflect this (typically valued at 40 points or higher). Do NOT turn in AP labs late!

    The FINAL EXAM procedure for this course is as follows:

    You will take both a regents exam (no exemptions offered) and a course exam (no exemptions offered for a college course). Your final exam grade will be the average of the two scores.

    You are taking two separate college physics courses, PHYS101 and PHYS 102, and each has its own final exam. PHYS101 will conclude with a final exam in January outside of the class, while PHYS102 will conclude in May with the exam given over two days in class.


    You will need the following MATERIALS for this course:

    1. Calculator (preferably a graphing calculator)

    2. 3-ring binder (at least 2”)

    3. Notebook (at least 100 pages)

    4. Loose leaf paper

    5. Pencils & Pens