• All parents and students are encouraged to attend our Music Boosters’ meetings. This organization provides support, community awareness, input, planning, and adult leadership for our High School Music Program . The Boosters’ will meet on the following dates at 7pm in the High School Large Group Instruction Room or Band Room:

    9/10, 10/2, 11/6, 12/4, 1/8, 3/11, 4/1, 5/6
    This group is the backbone to all of the opportunities we provide for the students. Our success is largely due to the involvement of wonderful parents and families of our music students.

    Parent Booster Board of Directors             Student Booster Board of Directors
    President - Gary Vassallo                           President - Dayna Sterner
    Vice President - Heather Leitten               Vice President - Andrew Vassallo
    Secretary - Misty Budziszewski                 Secretary - Rebecca Myers
    Treasurer - JoAnn Sterner                         Treasurer - Elizabeth Sreniawski

    Reps - Emily Thomas, Molly Majewski, Chloe Budziszewski, Katrena Steffen

    Music Booster Facebook Page: Lake Shore Music Boosters

    The Music Boosters graciously accept donations from anyone in our community who would like to be listed as a Patron on all of our concert programs as a supporter of our music programs at the high school. Please make checks payable to the Lake Shore Music Boosters. Please refer to the Patron’s pages.