• Mrs. Runfola/Grades 11 and 12

    I am here for your Special Education student. This 2019/2020 school year, I consultant teach in Coming of Age, English 11 and Introduction to Geometry.  I hold skills labs for those students requiring support in their core courses. I am available every day after school until 3:15, and I encourage all of my students to use me as a resource.  STAY AFTER WITH ME!  Course work and due dates can quickly pile up, I am here to help the student manage his or her time, understand assignment expectations, as well as to work directly on readings and assignments. 

    I am your go-to, you can ask me anything, and I will do whatever I can to help.  I work directly with the core course teachers. 

    I can be reached in room 232, at 716-926-3778 or via email at trunfola@lscsd.org. 

    Students can access my Google Classroom, which I use to get to know my students better by assigning brief self-exploratory writing paragraphs, surveys, etc. 


    I will be using Google Classroom to offer support on student Reading assignments. Info and Help on novels will be provided there.  ALso, please email me anything directly as well.