Business Education - 7th Grade Computer Applications

  • 7th Grade- Computer Applications

    Mr. Dan Gerken – LSC Graduate – Class of 1980 /
    RIT – Class of 1984

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    Welcome to our initial offering in our Business/Computer Exploratory course at the Lake Shore Middle School. In 7th grade we will be introducing tech readiness, Internet basics as well as keyboarding concepts and skills including proper posture, hand placement and finger reaches. Students may progress through the tasks at various speeds and skill levels. 

    Students will progress through lessons using a web based application called Throughout these lessons, students will also take part in keyboard based games that reward faster and more accurate work. In addition, we will periodically challenge the students in timed tests to measure the improvement in their speed and accuracy.

    Students will also be introduced to file management skills, creation of Microsoft Word documents, Google docs and the ever growing importance of digital citizenship. Many students will be getting or in some cases, already have a smartphone, which offers new opportunities for conversations between teachers and students about making smart decisions and the consequences that may result from those decisions that were not thoroughly thought through. Privacy issues, ethical dilemmas and their digital footprint will be introduced. Some of these concepts will be re-visited as they progress through their Middle School Exploratory Business courses and prepare for the Senior High. 

    Students will be expected to stay on task and focused on our skill development for that class period. Students will still be responsible for work missed due to absences. I am willing to work with the student on a flexible schedule to help them get caught up if needed and keep at the classes pace. Students that may stray from our assignment and pursue independent searching of the computer will be asked to get back on task and refrain from that behavior. If the behavior persists, other actions of a restorative nature may need to be implemented.


    Scope & Sequence Curriculum

    Tech Readiness

    Computer BasicsIntroduce technology by explaining the components of a computer, how they work together, and how to behave in a computer lab.

    Parts of a Computer


    What Makes a computer Run


    Using a mouse


    Computer Lab Rules


    Internet BasicsTeach how to use proper social behavior online, stay safe on the Internet and us it wisely

    Surfing Safety


    Cyber Safety


    Online Safety


    E-mail Rules and Manners


    Internet Search Tips


    Keyboarding - Beginner

    Getting StartedUsing the finger reach method, introduce index and middle finger letter keys, Space Bar, and proper posture

    J, F and Space Keys


    U, R and K Keys


    D, E and I Keys


    C, G and N Keys


    Beginner Review 1


    Reaching OutUsing the finger reach method, introduce beginning punctuation and more index, middle, ring and pinky finger letter keys

    T, S and L Keys


    O, B and A Keys


    V, H and M Keys


    Period and Comma


    Beginner Review 2


    The Home StretchIntroduce remaining letter keys and Enter keys

    W, X and ; Keys


    Q, Y and P Keys


    Z and Enter Keys



    Fun to TypePractice Keyboarding skills with fun jokes, facts and games

    The Keys Are Falling


    Nitro Type Lessons


    Jokes and Laughs


    Interesting Facts


    Strange Laws


    Skill BuilderPractice with data entry, numeric keypad, medical terms, etc

    Paragraph Practice


    Numeric Keypad/10 Key


    Alpha Data Entry


    Alphanumeric Data Entry


    Keyboard Quadrants


    Common Medical Terms



    A New Adventure Every Time! Practice keyboarding through type-your-own adventure stories

    When Robots Rule the World






    The Game


    Microsoft Word Lessons

    Basics - Introduce the basics of Microsoft Word skills, formatting and file management skills.

    Parts of a Microsoft Word window


    Create a New document


    Create a New folder


    Save a new document / Save As


    Edit a document


    Font dialog box / Paragraph dialog box