• Education Law 2D Lake Shore Central District Resources

    The following document contains the list of software titles that have been approved for use under Ed Law 2D and the Parent Bill of Rights to protect student privacy. Please note that agreements with the vendors some times take longer to finalize and while under review the resource is temporarily approved for use in daily instruction. Should a vendor refuse to comply with the language of the law that vendor must be blocked from further use. 

    NOTE: ONLY vendors that require a sign in for STUDENT accounts are impacted by Ed Law 2D. Vendors which only require a teacher account do not fall under this privacy law and do not require approval or a privacy contract with the Lake Shore Central School District

    Education Law 2D Paid, Free and Google Approved Resources

    Education Law 2D Vendor Request for Use

    Please use the following Google Form to request any vendor not listed in the resource above for review by the Data Protection Officer.