In this course, students will be studying Functions and Relations, Trigonometry, Parametric and Polar Functions, Conic Sections, Matrices and Vectors and Limits.  Students enrolled in this course need to have successfully completed Algebra, Geometry and either Intro to Algebra 2 or Algebra 2.  There will be a local final exam given at the end of the year.  Students will be awarded one credit for successful completion of the class.   
    Intro to Algebra 2
    This class fulfills one credit for math.  Every student must take three years of math (or two years of math and two years of a Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) program) in order to graduate from high school.  Students in this class should be either students who took Algebra II last year and were not successful in passing the course or students who took Geometry last year and are not ready to move on to Algebra II.  In this class we will cover many topics leading into Algebra II but will do so at a slower pace and with more time for exploration and practice.  After completing this course, students will have the option to take Algebra II during the following school year if they choose. There will be a local final exam given at the end of the year.