• Mr. Panfil

    In this uncertain time we will be continuing instruction using Google Classroom. Students currently enrolled in my courses will need to access thier School supplied Google Acct. and open the Google Classroom app. They will need to JOIN a class using the code given below.

    2019-2020 Computer Repair Panfil

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    Lake Shore Communications Technology
    Programs Description
       Lake Shore School District has allowed me to develop a series of elective courses to prepare students for the demands and expectations society can present in the areas of visual and audio electronic communications. Video, audio, radio, print, telecomunications are some of the areas covered in these courses. The skills and knowledge taught are designed to not only expose and prepare students for career directions in related fields but to give them skills that can enhance their employability and effectiveness in college and all careers after college.
       This web site offers course descriptions, glimpses into the day to day activities, student online text resources and  assignment information
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