Quality Transition Present Level of Performance (PLEP) statements:


    Are based on assessments

    Use student voice

    Will lead to development of Measurable Post Secondary Goals (MPSG’s)





    During his transition planning interview, _______stated that he is interested in becoming a __________ and living in his own apartment.


    While talking about his future during a transition planning meting_________ indicated that he is not at all sure about what career he wants to pursue. He is interested in several areas such as ___________, ____________. _________feels he needs to learn more about these career fields to narrow his choices.


    _________________ states that he enjoys being outdoors and would like a career that would allow him to work outside. He wants to learn more about outdoor careers.


    ______________ plans to attend college after high school. Assessment information indicates that in order to be successful in that setting she needs to improve reading comprehension and essay writing skills.


    _______________ attended his transition planning meeting but had difficulty speaking up for himself. He needs to develop self advocacy and self determination skills and practice them with staff.