New York State Education Department Approved Professional Development Plan

    2016 - 2021

    Professional Development Plan 2017 - 2021

    Edited and Board Of Education Approved November 2017

    Professional Development Plan 2017 - 2021


    Appendix A/CTLE:

    Appendix A

    For a current listing, go to http://www.lakeshorecsd.org/Page/3297.


    Anticipated Activities to support 100 hours of CTLE for Professional Certificate Holders


    List of anticipated workshop topics, trainings, and consultants to be offered and/or utilized during the 2016-2021 school year which will be available across the Lake Shore Central School District where CTLE credit will be awarded.  (CTLE credit can only be granted by the District or an NYSED approved provider.)


    • Jim Van Allen, Michael Ford, Dwight Carter; Positive Culture
    • Seneca Nation of Indians; Cultural Diversity
    • Robyn Starr; Mentoring and Danielson Framework for Teaching
    • Lake Shore Central School District staff; content based on instructional data
    • Lake Shore Central School District staff; Mentor Intern Program
    • Erie 2 BOCES; content based on regional data, NYSED guidelines, Comprehensive School Health, DASA
    • Approved NYS Institutions of Higher Education; student teachers, field internships, graduate coursework
    • Credit bearing university or college courses
    • Teacher Centers
    • Crisis Services
    • Chautauqua Tapestry
    • Utica National; Safe Schools
    • Professional Organizations
    • Writing Process; Angela Stockman
    • Harris Beach
    • Other CTLE Approved Vendors for outside workshops with pre-approval
    • Additional activities will be updated with the current listing at http://www.lakeshorecsd.org/Page/3297.

    Appendix A (continued)

    • United Way of Erie and Niagara Counties
    • Ian Jukes; Rewiring of the Human Brain
    • Summit Academy
    • Erie County Department of Social Services
    • Belouga
    • Rachel Murat; social media
    • BlueCross BlueShield of WNY
    • Mary Brumagin, technology integration
    • Dave Meichenbaum, Fostering Independence with ASD
    • Dwight Carter, Mark White: Gen Z
    • PlayWorks
    • Olivia Van Ledtje
    • Judy Sinishcalchi
    • Shine Yoga of WNY
    • Erie County Music Educators Association
    • Dr. Marialice Curran