• What is Regents Earth Science? Regent's Earth Science is a New York State Physical Setting science course designed by New York State Education Department.  In order for students to earn a regents Earth Science credit they must complete the following requirements.
    1.) Complete 1200 minutes of "Seat" time: We accomplish proof of seat time through the completion of approximately 40 hands-on labs.
    2.) Pass the New York State Regents exam final with a minimum score of 65%
    3.) Have a passing class average for the school year.
    1: Introduction to the Earth's Changing Environment               8: Water and Climate
    2: Measuring the Earth                                                               9: Weathering and Erosion
    3: Earth and Universe                                                                10: Deposition
    4: Motions of the Earth, Moon and Sun                                    11: Earth Materials: Rocks and Minerals
    5: Energy in Earth Processes                                                     12: Earth's Dynamic Crust and Interior
    6: Insolation and the Seasons                                                    13: Interpreting Geologic History
    7: Weather                                                                                 14: Landscape Development and Environmental Change
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