• Regents Earth Science

    Course Expectations and Syllabus.

    Instructor: Mr. Brad S. Gier (BGier@lakeshorecsd.org

    Classroom rules:

    -        The rules in your student agenda will be followed closely in this classroom. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

    -        There will be assigned seats.

    -        Please be on time, failure to do so we result in detention.

    -        Bathroom needs should be addressed before or after class.

    -        I will treat/respect you as young adults, you will behave as one.

    -        S.A.S:

    Regents Requirements:

    -        1200 minutes of seat time.

    -        Complete all labs.

    -        Passing Score on the Regents final in June.

    Homework/Grading: (grades viewable on POWERSCHOOL)

    -ALL work will be turned into the homework bin in the front of the room ONLY!!!!!

    -Your grade will be weighted as follows:

     Homework 20%, Labs 40%, Tests: 30% Projects: 10%

    Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4+ R6/5= Final Average on Transcript

    -        Labs will lose 10% of the grade each day late.

    -        Homework will lose 25% each day that it is late.

    Daily Supplies:

    1.)  Agenda 2.) 4 function calculator. 3.) Pens/Pencils 4.) Review Book 5.) 3 ring binder/Pencil case.

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