• It is a priority of every school district to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for its staff & students, and clean water is no exception.  In 1986, Congress banned the use of lead solder containing greater than 0.2% lead and restricted the lead content of faucets, pipes, and other plumbing materials.  Lead is unusual among drinking water contaminants in that it seldom occurs naturally in water supplies like groundwater, rivers, and lakes.  New laws that went into effect in 2014 reduced the amount of lead that plumbing fixtures can contain from 8% to 1%. Brass faucets, fittings and valves – including those advertised as “lead free” – may still contribute lead to drinking water.


    The Lake Shore Central District is in compliance with New York State Public Health Laws requiring all schools and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to test potable water outlets for lead contamination, to remediate contamination where found, and to notify parents of children and the public of test results. Levels of lead at any water outlet above 15 parts per billion (ppb) require action to remediate this issue.


    As required, the Lake Shore Central District tested all water sources in the A. J. Schmidt, Highland, & J. T. Waugh Elementary Schools, and the W. T. Hoag Educational Center for lead on September 24, 2016, and in the High School, Middle School, and Transportation Department on October 23, 2016.  As provided to us under specific protocols, first draw water samples were taken after letting the water remain unmoving in the pipes over a period of 8 to 18 hours.  


    The Lake Shore Central School District is taking a number of steps to correct the problems noted in the results.  We have shut off the water supply to those fixtures used for drinking or cooking.  Any water sources used for other purposes such as washing and general cleaning have been clearly labeled with warning signs not to be used for drinking or cooking.  The next step is to develop a remediation plan that will be approved and guided by the experts in the field of water remediation.  Please be assured that adequate water fountains are available throughout the building for student use.


    The timetable for remediation of each of the identified sources will depend on the availability of parts, installation, and the process for retesting.  It is important to note that none of the sources will be put back into service and available for drinking or cooking until the sources are fully mitigated and meet New York State Department of Health Standards. 


    For more information about water quality and sampling for lead contact the Erie County Department of Health at 961-6800.