• Here are a few specific ways in which I may be able to help you this school year. If you don't see something here but know of it and want to try it, I can help with that as well. 
    Lake Shore Central Teacher Website - I can help you take advantage of different pages (apps) that exist within the Schoolwires software that is used to create your website. I can help you move beyond a welcome page and add some interactivity using a blog page, upload or embed videos, create forms & surveys, etc. Just let me know how I can help.

    Online Classroom Environments (Learning Management Systems) - Help build digital literacy and save on paper usage using tools such as:

    Edmodo - Become part of the world’s largest Grades Kindergarten-12 social learning community where teachers, students, and parents can connect safely and securely. I can assist you with class setup and create an introductory assignment, quiz or poll to help you and your students get comfortable using this Web 2.0 tool. A new feature called Snapshot also creates Common Core aligned practice assignments for students and provides feedback on student performance.

    Schoology - Experience a global learning community. Schoology is a platform to build connections and collaborate with your peers. Manage your classroom, engage your students, find resources, and connect to other teachers. 

    IXL Math - If you teach math or work with students who take math, IXL can help your students master Common Core Standards with practice that adapts to students’ abilities. Learn how to assign problem sets, correlate to New York State Modules, use Smart Scores, and analyze data reports.

    Castle Learning - Help your students improve individual results and prepare for future computer based assessments using this tool. Learn how to generate student accounts, create assignments and assessments as well as interpret data reports. Like IXL Math, this is a tool that the district pays for and covers a wide variety of content areas.  

    Screencasting/Podcasting - Tired of repeating yourself and teaching the same thing over and over again? Looking to maximize your time with students?  If you would like to record video or audio to “flip” a lesson, I could help you work with the tools to do this. You can also host these on your teacher website for student access. Learn how to export and convert files so students can access them easily. Some free tools include Screencast-o-Matic, SMART Recorder, Jing, eduCanon, edPuzzle, Nearpod, PowToon, TinyTake, Audacity (podcast only), etc.

    Using Online Assessment Tools - The Answer Pad, Socrative, Infuse Learning, ExitTicket, Kahoot!, and Poll Everywhere are just a few tools teachers are using to formatively assess their students or bring closure to a lesson. A great way to improve student engagement while keeping your finger on the pulse of the class.

    SMART Tools - If you have a SMART Board and want to use it more often or just want to learn more about the SMART Notebook software that comes on every computer, I can help. Did you know that SMART Notebook has the ability to record your screen? Did you know you can create interactive games on the SMART Board by linking slides? Have you ever used the area capture tool to create slides as you teach? Contact me to get the answers to these questions!

    Remind (formerly Remind101) - A safe way to communicate with parents using text messaging and/or email. Your personal information is never used in the process. Learn how to set up an account and use Remind on both your computer and your phone.  

    Augmented Reality (AR) - Software such as Aurasma, LayAR and DAQRI can help bring student work to life. Works similar to QR codes allowing any image to trigger virtual activity. This is so new that only a handful of teachers have even heard of the concept. Check out some potential ideas here:

    Augmented Reality (AR) in the Classroom Article

    Two Guys and Some iPads Resource

    Code - I know there is not much room during the day for content outside of the curriculum but introducing students to computer programming helps improve critical thinking and problem solving. A growing demand in STEM careers makes this an essential part of education. Commit to an Hour of Code (joining over 45,000,000 others) with your class and/or find time to engage students using tools like Kodable, Hopscotch, Scratch/Scratch Jr. http://code.org/learn 

    Classroom Visit - I know there are some amazing lessons and projects already in place in your classrooms that involve technology. If you are open to it, I would love to visit your class and see what you and your students are doing. I may be able to help extend the lesson/project or brainstorm an idea for a future activity. One of my goals is not only to help teachers integrate meaningful technology but to highlight great things happening around the district in this area.

    As always, if a need arises, submit a Tech Support request by creating a new incident and mention your idea or need and I will set up an appointment to meet with you as soon as possible.  I look forward to meeting and working with more of you as the year goes on!

    Check out this great resource: 44 Diverse Tools to Publish Student Work