Upon graduation your Lake Shore issued Google Apps for Education Account (GAFE)(lscsd.org) will be deactivated. In order to ensure that important files you created or collected over the years are not lost during this process it is important that you follow the steps presented in the video below.
    *Please note that sharing folders/files in Google Drive with a personal Gmail account is irrelevant if the account where you are the owner (school account) is deactivated. You must do more than just "share." Also, if a file was shared with you under "Shared with Me" you may want to make a copy of that for yourself and add it to the main section of your Google Drive.
    Note: If you do not have a personal Gmail account, you can create one and get 15 GB of free Google Drive storage. If you have not created one yet, download your school Google files to your computer or a USB  Flash Drive to back them up until you create a personal Gmail account. 
    If you are attending college/university you may likely have to repeat this process again upon graduation from that institution so it is good practice.
    How to download/upload Google Drive files between school and personal Google Accounts.