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    The Athletic Department recognizes the role of Interscholastic Athletics in defining ethical
    behavior and developing personal character in our students therefore, we ask that all spectators: which includes, students, parents, family and friends. 


    1.Demonstrate a high degree of sportsmanship.

    2.Show team support by making only positive comments.

    3.Show respect for the judgment of coaches, officials and referees.

    4.Acknowledge fields, courts and equipment as the player’s domain during contests.

    5.Monitor the safety of children in bleachers and stands.

    6.Respect the law: all public schools are smoke-free, substance free environment.

    7.Athletic contests home and away are extension of the classroom. Therefore all school rules are in effect!

    8.Show respect for the supervising chaperones for they are the authority at the athletic event.

    9.Exceptions to this behavior will lead to ejection from the event.

    The Lake Shore School District supports relationships that are based on trust, decency and fairness. Lake Shore contests are held in the spirit of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. We expect cooperation and respect by all athletes and spectators during home and away contests. In the event of poor spectator behavior, the spectator may be removed by chaperones, officials, coaches, administrators, and law enforcement. Consequences may include but not limited to; a phone call and verbal warning, a written letter of reprimand and/or suspension from future Lake Shore Athletic Contests. Remember you are a representative of the Lake Shore school community. 

    A spectator removed from a game or event (home or away) will have a minimum penalty of completing the NFHS Parent Credential course or a one game suspension before they are allowed to attend any interscholastic event. Once the course is completed, the spectator will provide a certificate of completion to the athletic department office. Schools are required to communicate with the offending spectator on the NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Spectator Expectations. The School District has discretion to enhance the suspension if the spectator's violation is deemed egregious.