• Section VI Philosophy & Services:


    Our endeavors are geared to providing all children in the athletic community with the inspiration and environment best adapted to their wholesome growth and development, stressing our belief in the democratic way of life and encouraging mental and physical alertness and independent thinking.
    We try to impress the student-athlete with the idea that we expect each one to do his/her best and a little more.

    In short, it is our philosophy that we should attempt to prepare our student- athletes for life as much as possible and that we should attempt, through athletics, to provide an educational experience to assist them in becoming contributing members of society rather than wards of it.
    Sportsmanship Pledge

    The New York State Public High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches. We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting or baiting of opponents. If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately. We have been instructed not to issue warnings. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect.